May 10, 2011

Porches and Pugs

I haven't had internet the last few days, as I'm moving right now. I'm actually using my friends' internet right now, since I haven't had my Facebook fix in a while. But I'm pretty much moved in closer to the campus I attend school at, and I feel obligated to describe my current situation.

I'm sitting on my porch with a pug.

I'll let that sink in for a second.

So, it's summer for me, but it's the perfect temperature. It's not the blistering hot sun that you usually get; this is a nice warm night. You know, "the perfect temperature." Is there any better way to celebrate summer than sitting on your own front porch, enjoying a nice smoke or drink? Well, I'll answer that right now.


There is no better way to enjoy a fine, summer night than on your own front porch enjoying a nice smoke or drink. You could add friends to the mix if you'd like, but I figured that was kind of implied. I honestly thought there's no better way to enjoy a nice, summer evening.....

Until today.

Today, I took custody of a creature considered a mistake from God himself, as it's barely able to live on it's own and is dumb enough to require two owners.

A pug named "Floyd" has been put under my control. The only dog who not only can't breathe normally, but also can't defend itself is mine for a few days, thus completing the perfect equation to a fine, summer evening. I dare you to find a way to make a glorious, summer evening even better.

You see, the chill vibes brought with a nice evening, and the sheer joy a pug brings can be equated like so:

Chill + Pug + Summer = Fucking Awesome

Study that shit, you might see that on the next test. It's in the form of a math equation so it must be true. There truly is no better way to improve on a fine evening like tonight.

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  1. If you are sitting on the porch with a Pug you are winning... Don't sweat it man, you're allowed to take a break.

  2. Notes taken, the exam shall be passed. Though I would consider it late spring and not summer, the weather is still damn enjoyable.

  3. lol @ look at the dogs face on the picture :)

  4. lol epic pug face. Congrats sir!

  5. You just beat life. Good job. BRB, buying a pug and a porch.

  6. I have a freind who has one of those dogs. Its like they are simply doomed to failure

  7. Damn, I want a pug.

  8. I hate the looks of pugs no offense to anyone

  9. I love pugs, I have a pug. Their eyes are freaky but they're loving.

  10. this post made me laugh. I'm glad you've found happiness, good sir.

  11. You pretty much said it all xD