May 28, 2011


So. Lemme tell you abut quite the possibly greatest frinking game of all time: Wizards. his shit is the shit; it'll get you drunk and you'll have a lt of fun with it. I'm like 12 beers in along with some Lemon G to pregame.

This sin't the right wizard, goddammit.


Wizards is a drinking game requiring multiple people. The bjec tof this game is to drink the most. Whever drinks the most gets bragging rights, plus whatever else you might want to award. To playu, you need cans of beer and duct tape. You start by drinking your first beer. Once you're done, you'll tape your next beer on top of that. once done with taht, you tape the next beet on top of that. Soon enough, you have a very large "staff." That is Wizards in the simplest stance. To learn more about the game (including a variation to play the game), check this shit out:

Wizards may go hy many names, incluing Wisest Wizards, Wizards of Warcraft, of some other stupif shit involving qitches.
Let me tell you; it's a  great drinking game. This is my 3rd time playing currently: the first timie I finished 11 beers (the prefivious record), but woke up in a bathtub. The second time involved me passing out after 9 beers in about 2 hours. Poor showing.

This is the idea, htu this guy lks like a bitch.

Right now, a friend went home with another frined after 16 beers in. I'm on 12 now, and I'm not tired. I'll be drinking all night to kick his motherfuckin' ass ho.. It's gonna get real. There might b picutures the enxt time I mak e a post, btu we'll see.

This is a better pic of how "wizards' is played, bit these guys still all suck.

Fack da hatahz.

May 26, 2011

No Internet Sucks

So I went from have a decent post every two days to having no new posts in a while. I had moved places and haven't had wi-fi set up.... UNTIL NOW. The "Probably Watching Porn" wi-fi network is up and running. That entire time, though, I was so out of the loop with the world. I'm a huge current events person so I read the headlines a few times a day. It's like the world stopped moving around me and I just focused on sitting on my new badass porch. (which is what it felt like, honestly) But we had no idea what was going on, and we were totally disconnected.

No email. No news. (we don't have cable; it's too nice outside to be sitting inside) No Facebook. The world has relied entirely on internet today. The only interactions people had here were my roommates with their fancy iPhones and their super high-tech 3G connections. Think about it; the internet has become our lives in a lot of ways.

Fuck yeah ClipArt!

The internet connects us all together. Yeah, no shit. People have forgotten what life was before we could see anyone and get anything without leaving our seats, and because of it, the world relies on the internet more than ever. I see this reliability increasing in the future too; the internet is never going to become any less important than it is today. Without it, civilizations today crumble due to the burden of having to actually go out in your car to pay bills and not being able to Tweet about everyfuckingthing that you've done today.

What about the kids? WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS!? They're not going to have the childhood we did. I rode bikes all summer long and got sweet at basketball as a kid. Our kids are going to spend their summers inside sitting on their computers now. At least now, I'm typing this on my porch. Gotta give me some credit. The accessibility of everything today is within a few clicks now; you can do just about everything with a computer nowadays. Why go outside and play when you can kick ass at Call Of Duty and still be entertained? You could Prestige quite a few times if you played all day, all summer.

No, I'm not saying that computers are bad and that the internet is the fall of society as we know it. But go play outside or something. Don't rely on a computer to do everything.

May 16, 2011

Up And Coming: Mac Miller

Mac Miller is hot shit. This 19-year-old is rising up to the occasion and following his dreams in becoming one the game's top dogs. KIDS broke through the scene and has created a huge following for Mac. I was hesitant to listen to him because honestly, how many 19-year-old white rappers actually sound decent? I gave it a listen, was hesitant, listened to KIDS again, and I was hooked. KIDS is currently my second favorite smoking album, personally.

KIDS is full of party anthems and positive messages; "Smoke weed and be happy." Mac touches base with following your dreams and succeeding in life, all while relating to everyone with beats that would make the entire party start rockin' out. It's very well done, and would recommend this to anyone, including those who hate hip-hop.

Um..... follow your dreams?

KIDS was his first mixtape, which was released in August of last year. Best Day Ever is his latest release, and has received a lot of positive exposure for Mac. I haven't listened to it yet, but it'll be done soon. Download Best Day Ever and KIDS by Mac Miller at (Don't worry; these torrent are legal, as mixtapes are meant to be distributed free, especially on this website.

May 10, 2011

Porches and Pugs

I haven't had internet the last few days, as I'm moving right now. I'm actually using my friends' internet right now, since I haven't had my Facebook fix in a while. But I'm pretty much moved in closer to the campus I attend school at, and I feel obligated to describe my current situation.

I'm sitting on my porch with a pug.

I'll let that sink in for a second.

So, it's summer for me, but it's the perfect temperature. It's not the blistering hot sun that you usually get; this is a nice warm night. You know, "the perfect temperature." Is there any better way to celebrate summer than sitting on your own front porch, enjoying a nice smoke or drink? Well, I'll answer that right now.


There is no better way to enjoy a fine, summer night than on your own front porch enjoying a nice smoke or drink. You could add friends to the mix if you'd like, but I figured that was kind of implied. I honestly thought there's no better way to enjoy a nice, summer evening.....

Until today.

Today, I took custody of a creature considered a mistake from God himself, as it's barely able to live on it's own and is dumb enough to require two owners.

A pug named "Floyd" has been put under my control. The only dog who not only can't breathe normally, but also can't defend itself is mine for a few days, thus completing the perfect equation to a fine, summer evening. I dare you to find a way to make a glorious, summer evening even better.

You see, the chill vibes brought with a nice evening, and the sheer joy a pug brings can be equated like so:

Chill + Pug + Summer = Fucking Awesome

Study that shit, you might see that on the next test. It's in the form of a math equation so it must be true. There truly is no better way to improve on a fine evening like tonight.

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May 5, 2011

Obligatory Summer Songs

Today's the first day that I'm back in my hometown and it's nice as hell outside. That means it's time to drive with the windows down and chill in your front porch.

Bumpin' some sweet tunes though, of course.

Here's some of my favorite summer songs. They're probably pretty cliche but it's chill, bro.

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

This is probably one of my favorite Bob Marley songs of all time. It's chill as hell. Nothing like a good smoke and hanging out to this.

Sublime - Santeria

Sublime and summer go hand in hand, you knew this song was gonna be posted. I love listening to Sublime during the summer. I could listen to this shit allll summer.

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

This is catchy as hell and I can bump this all night long. It's different than all the typical rock stuff you here too which is nice. Dance to this shit, yo.

What are your guys' favorite summer songs?

May 2, 2011

Oh Cool, More Crap About Osama

Yeah, yeah. Another opinion about the death of Osama bin Laden. What makes this one any different, you say? I'm not blindly speaking out of my ass and posting blatantly stupid shit like all your dumb Facebook friends have been doing. (keyword: blatantly) Here's what I think, full of strong opinions and equally strong hypocrisies:

Gotcha bitch!

I don't care who you are or who you think you are, but you have to feel relieved, happy, glad, etc. to see the fall of a terrible, heinous person. Some people are saying that they don't think he should be dead, but rather should have been captured and taken in to jail for life. There's two things wrong with that to me:

-He's not going to go down without a fight. He was killed in a firefight. It's not like we're going to have troops surround him and he's going to go, "lol, u got me guise, i give up." He wasn't going to be caught alive, plain and simple.

-This is a man who founded an organization raised to kill people and fuck shit up. (I think that's the politically correct term used) bin Laden has personally ordered attacks of innocent people while corrupting youth to kill, much like gang members are raised to do in the US. Except, of course, al-Qaeda is taught to kill and harm in the name of Allah. (Allah=God, for those who don't keep up with the times) To me, this man needed to die. One's opinion on this matter, though, will differ from each individual. This may be similar to the "eye for an eye" concept commonly seen with capital punishment. I believe any person who purposely kills should be killed. (there's plenty of hypocrisy in that, which I'll address later on)

Should people be celebrating the death of a human being? Again, this will differ from each person. In this case, I believe it's justified for all the terrible things this individual represents and has accomplished. Some may say that it's not right, because each human life is sacred and treasured. Whether or not you believe it's alright to celebrate bin Laden's death, I do believe the people celebrating have a justified reason. Yes, he's a human being like you and I, but you and I also don't brainwash people into killing innocent people.

George Washington University students takin' over on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House. Maybe it was just me, but I was totally expecting CNN to show a drunk chick to flash the crowd on live TV.

Now, the hypocrisy.

I said that I'm all for the "eye for an eye" concept when it comes to capital punishment, and how a person who kills should be killed in return. Since the Irag/Afghanistan wars have started, it's reported that approximately 900,000 people have been killed.* This figure includes US causalities, civilian deaths, and just about any other death that could have been recorded. Compare this to the roughly 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11. A nice chunk of those deaths are due to US involvement, but it's said that the Taliban is actually responsible for the majority of those deaths.

Now, I doubt the Taliban personally killed 897,000 people, and that the US killed 3,000 "just to get even." The US is responsible for a large portion of those deaths. I previously said that we should kill those who kill. Does that mean we should kill Presidents Bush and Obama? They were/are, after all, commander-in-chief. They are in charge of the US military. Where do we draw the line with this "eye for an eye" theory when it comes to bringing the responsible parties to justice?

I'm not trying to belittle the death of Osama bin Laden, nor those lost on 9/11, nor those lost fighting these wars. His demise was necessary on many accounts, you cannot deny this. But isn't it just as hypocritical of us to kill more than we lost on 9/11, just to get back at those responsible?

Also, quick note to those hailing Bush as this great person in the death of this person.... Bush started a manhunt and couldn't finish it in 7 years. Obama did it in 3. Obama had to do more with this event than Bush did HOWEVER, Obama merely ordered the attack. I don't necessarily thank Obama and I sure as hell don't thank Bush. I thank the troops in the region who are doing the fighting.

So, my next point; what does this change?

Not much, homeslice.

bin Laden has built up al-Qaeda to function on it's on, without it's leader and founder. It's no doubt a crucial blow to the organization, but al-Qaeda doesn't need Osama. They're fully able to organize attacks still. al-Qaeda is running strong in multiple countries in the Middle East. To me, his death is more symbolic than anything. We've hunted down the most wanted man in the world..... 10 years later. What's been done in those 10 years?

Well, we've invaded two countries, seen oil prices shoot up to a point where OPEC has a vice grip on our balls (and by balls, I mean they really only control our wallets and economy, no biggie), seen the beginning of the potential the demise of the United States (see: trillion dollar debt caused by these conflicts alone, and that's not including other costs that have been racked up indirectly because of our interactions in the Middle East), put Islam on a pedestal in the US (see: islamophobia. It's not like bin Laden was trying to push Islam across the globe or anything), and essentially created a terribly negative image of the US caused by these conflicts. His death isn't going to make everything better. OPEC is still going to bend us over the bed and fuck us in the butt, the global image isn't going to change overnight, and we still owe over a trillion dollars (plus many other costs that will come from these conflicts) which isn't going to go away in the long run.

Today, we have every right to celebrate the fall of an awful person. Some may say "we've won." But really, I think Osama has won in the long run.

*source:   Either way, you should educate yourself and check out the link, which is full of credible sources that back up their figures.

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