March 27, 2011

I feel like there's a blog for everything these days. Seriously, type in a topic of your choice and I bet you that there will be at least one blog about that subject. These days, everyone wants to have their voice heard, and many turn to blogging at a means for that. Is that why I decided to start doing this blog fad?

Nope. I think this will just be fun. I never wanted to make one of these, but seeing all the crazy ass stuff that comes through the blogging world made me want to start one. I've read some cool ass articles about just stuff. And it's badass. This, I guess, is my contribution to the "just stuff" part. Some people use these to enthuse about topics like politics and sports and all that jazz. I honestly don't care enough to put anything really important or significant on here, there's enough people in the world doing that already. The "tree fiddy" background I'm rockin' right now should be an indication of how serious I intend to take this. But it should be fun.

1 comment:

  1. Extra points to you for having a background of Chef's parents. Rocking it you are. Am I looking forward to miscellaneous posts? 'Suppose so.