March 28, 2011

EU To Ban All Cars?

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tl;dr: The EU proposed a plan to ban all cars from major cities by 2050, enforcing a uniform, single mode of transportation in these big cities. The ban is aimed to cut CO2 emissions among other things.

This is a great idea. Also, this is retarded. The amount of CO2 being released into the environment is ridiculous, regardless of what side of the global warming debate you're on. This addresses that issue directly; by ridding of a huge contributor to greenhouse gas. Cities will be a lot less noisier, potentially easier to maneuver, and may ween a large chunk of the world off of a growing oil addiction. BRILLIANT!... right?

Many rely on cars today. Without a car, many can't perform everyday tasks, like go to a job, shop, or many other tasks. In the US, it's becoming even more common to see upwards of 3 or 4 cars in a driveway. I remember no more than 15 years ago, 1 car usually got the job done. Are we that lazy? Impatient that we can't take turns with the car? Our society has grown to rely on technology, like cars and Facebook. (Do you know how many screaming 15-year-olds would have their worlds turned upside down without Facebook?) Banning cars would impact how many simply live their lives. Also, what impact would this have to business around these affected regions? No need for gas stations and other "car-based" business anymore with this measure in place.

Putting forth an effort to attempt to improve society is always a great idea. Do the details that lie within this idea render this pointless though? Or is this genius? Tell me what you think.

On a related subject, here's a visually appealing badass motherfucking blingmobile.


  1. There's nothing wrong with owning multiple vehicles. I could easily own a truck, sports car, luxury car, and a daily-driver car that gets good mileage if I had the money. I would drive them accordingly for the task at hand. It's mostly a matter of not driving when you don't have to- a car that's not running isn't polluting. I'm not sure an outright ban would work, but maybe ban all unnecessary driving.

  2. theres definitely two sides to the argument, the big question is are there more pros or cons?

  3. Absolutely Bling-tastic. I actually kinda want that...