March 28, 2011

4:20 Music Break

It's time for a 4:20 music break.... at 1:46. Well it's 4:20 somewhere, and I want to share some of the albums I've been digging when I just wanna sit back and enjoy some good music after a good smoke.

The Black Keys - Brothers

Hands down, most unique album cover of all-time. This is a late 2010 release, but I never got around to listening to it. UNTIL RECENTLY. It's one of the best "chill" albums I've heard in a long time, and would suggest this to any fan of music. Many of the songs jam in a unique way. Folky lyrics mixed with simplified song structure, the Akron, OH duo delivers a huge hit with this. The album has been accepted as one of 2010's best since it's release, and it's still bangin' in 2011. If you haven't checked this one out, you're really missing out. Also, if you've never experienced Dan Auerbach's (lead singer) beard, please feel free to. It's so good that I set it as the background for a bit.

Wiz Khalifa - Kush & OJ

"The perfect formula for a wake and bake."

Kush & OJ single-handedly got me back into hip-hop. It sounds like nothing else there, and the whole albums flows so well together. This is one that you HAVE to listen through the first time you listen to it. I have memories of relaxing on my front porch in the middle of winter jamming to this while taking a smoke break. Smooth, fresh beats mixed with Wiz's clever lyrics deliver in a scrumptious fashion that might just make one high without ever taking a hit. Aside from "Black and Yellow," this is seen as Wiz Khalifa's best mixtape. If youre looking for a change of pace, you can check it out here for free: You can expect more from Wiz tomorrow right here!

Mumford & Sons - Sign No More

Arguably the best album of 2010, Mumford and Sons hits the music scene with their debut album that has made a huge impression on the scene. Only releasing two singles from this album (Little Lion Man and The Cave), Mumford and Sons are seen as rock stars today after clearing the talk show, summer festival and even music award show circuits (you didn't forget about their badass performance on the Grammy's, did you?). I was absolutely blown away by this album. It's beautiful in every way, and the whole album flows well together; you must listen through the whole thing. One might say that the songs begin to sound alike, but the songs are just so good that I personally didn't give two shits. Sigh No More hit an emotional nerve that music tends to not do anymore, and it's nice to see people put so much effort into making good music. This is highly suggested for anyone who wants to sit back (glass of OJ in hand) and simply feel good.

To listen to any of these (legally, of course), check out GrooveShark at


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